How can we improve CS-Cart?

Better wholesale B2B functionality

CS-Cart does not cater to B2B stores. Many functions are missing or could be much improved.
The difference between B2C and B2B:
- Retail need prices including tax. wholesale need prices excluding tax
- VAT check & companies house check is needed for wholesale
- Wholesale customers do not buy single products. They buy a large number of products. Can be hundreds of different products. Hence they rarely go to the product page because there is no time or use for that. They order from the category page.
- Wholesale customers do not chose product options. They buy multiple or all product options. They need to be able to order options from category page.
Wholesale customer buy products and product packages. i.e. display boxes, cartons, pallets.
- Wholesale customers repeatedly buy the same products and should be able to quickly see the products they normally buy and be able to quickly reorder the same products.
- SKU / product codes / EAN are important for wholesale customer only.
- Wholesale customers with websites need image files for products.
- Wholesale customers are predictable in when they will be out of stock.
- Wholesale customers are not interested if you have more than 1 product in stock. They need to know if stock is low, medium or high.
- It frequently happens that a wholesale customer orders quantities that are no longer in stock.
- Wholesale order totals are much higher. Expensive or insecure payment methods are not used. Its mostly online bank transfers. It would work to just turn off the payment functionality.
- Wholesale orders need to be transferred to ERP / CRM
- Wholesale customers order promotional items. (posters, flyers, POS stuff)
Shipping insurance is vital. Something that I can never get to work in CS-Cart.
- Wholesale customer may have their package picked up by their shipping forwarder.
- Consumer protection does not apply and different RMA terms apply.
- Quantity discounts in % are often not useful. Especially when dealing with tight margins.
- Quantity discounts per product option are needed.

To illustrate how a B2B store differs from a B2C store, here is an example:

CS-Cart should implement better B2B functions.

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