How can we improve CS-Cart?

Better Cache methods: speed up CSCart with LiteSpeed Cache, Varnish, etc

CS-Cart is way too slow and its not necessary. If other large database driven software can be lightning fast then so can Cs-Cart.
90% of user interaction concerns element that can be fully cached and should not take long to load or strain the server.
Please add better cache methods including Lightspeed Cache and Varnish. It will decrease page loads a lot.

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We coded CS-Cart Add-on for full-page cache which is using Varnish + ESI.
Fee free to use it, post bugs and contribute:

LiteSpeed is not supported, if you are interested in LiteSpeed let us know in this forum topic:

We also create a demo site which uses this add-on with 200 000 products.


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  • P-Pharma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, I insist on Litespeed cache implementation. Litespeed now offers http/2 which is a major speed improvement and it also offers ESI cache for e-commerce. It even comes with a plugin for magento. See:
    LiteSpeedTech explains why its important:
    "The biggest draw for LSWS 5.0 is ESI support for LSCache. This will allow site owners to designate certain parts of a page as uncacheable (AKA “punch holes” in the page) but still cache the remaining cacheable parts. Caching parts of pages will allow site owners to cache much, much more of their content. Effective ESI improvement will greatly cut resource usage and speed up many sites (which is why we’ve been talking about it so much).

    Hole-punching especially helps e-commerce, where things like the shopping cart cannot be cached, but appear on almost every page. For e-commerce sites, ESI is a crucial step in allowing effective use of page caching. To help meet this need, we will also be releasing a Magento caching extension soon. More details on this extension coming soon."

  • Adminimac (Admin, CS-Cart) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dear P-Pharma,

    That depends on what do you need:
    If you need new cache methods Litespeed & Varninsh - than it is not planed.

    But CS-Cart 4.3.1 if fast enough and has its own caching system. And at the moment there is no need to add some extra cachers. If you are sure there is a reason, post it.

    Also I can assure you that many people voted for this idea because of this:
    "Better Cache methods: speed up CSCart" without even understanding how do listed cachers work.

    If you still insist on implementing Varnish and LiteSpeed - I will change the status back.

  • P-Pharma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Then its not started. Please stop marking my suggestions as implemented when you are not doing so. This suggestion requests litespeed or varnish integration.
    What point is there in suggesting important things when they are dismissed / marked as implemented without ever getting implemented. The exact same happened to the dimensional weight suggestion.

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