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Keep HTTPS connection once a secure page is visited

The "Keep HTTPS connection once a secure page is visited" setting was unfortunately removed from 4.1.1 but needs to be reinstated.

It was useful because it kept users from seeing security warnings on non-secure pages! Now, if there is an absolute link on a non-secure page that is a http:// link ... users receive a security warning! This is NOT good. Users think the site is insecure when it's not. And besides, https browsing can be slower than http.

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  • sbooks commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Aside from images, has anyone thought of the SEO impact here of duplicate urls being indexed by Google? If Google happens to enter or jump to a SSL protected page it will continue to index the site under SSL. Then comes back later and enters your site via a non ssl url and indexes same pages under non sls. You can end up getting urls indexed two times, once under http and a second under https. This goes against basic SEO rules that any SEO professional will tell you. How does CS Cart propose to prevent duplicate indexing of ssl pages in Google listings?

    Google indexing alone overly outweighs consumer confidence as noted in the forum post Major ecommerce shops like,, don’t force you to stay SSL at all times. They switch you back and forth from ssl as needed on account pages, checkout and any other pages that require sensitive information transfer.

    Matter of fact type in and you get redirected back to, same goes for and other major ecommerce players,

    This feature needs to be restored in the next release 4.1.3 immediately. Let CS Cart store admins make the decision themselves on how we want to run our shops. Think about the major SEO impacts that will be caused by this issue and how CS Cart suggests we should solve duplicate content problems stemming from this decision.

  • knoxbury commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Actually, this is a bug which I will post there as well. I wish I could post a screenshot, but the photo scroller does not work correctly in https without the user clicking a security warning button. For example, on the product list page (category page) all of the pictures display for a product (alternate photos also) until a user clicks a security warning.

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