How can we improve CS-Cart?

Electronic Download Options

It would be very nice if admins can add additional files for download depending on which options a customer picks.

Option 1 ($4.99):
- Software

Option 2 ($9.99):
- Software + Addons

Option 3 ($11.99):
- Software + Addons + Wallpapers

It can also be useful if we sell themes/templates, we can place whether a customer wants the source or not. Also, if we want to sell our own backing trax or minus-one (mp3), customers would have the option to pick using checkbox which track they wanna purchase...and after full payment it will then list all selected options for download.

CS-Cart already has the Option feature but we cannot really upload files on each option we add. It's only good for shipping stuff, not for Digital Downloads.
Hope you'll consider this.

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  • Nguyen Anh Huy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +1. I agree that this is a "must-have" feature. Right now I need to create different product to allow user to download different files, which is a little bit weird.

  • Regnareb commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Regnareb commented · Just Now · Delete

    I fully support this, CS-cart is useless for me without that feature, why have options on downloads if you can't use them?
    I am so sad that carts do not focus a little more on digital stores.

    Please add that fantastic feature, it would be really great and a big plus for CS-cart!

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